Summorum Pontificum 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, Pope Benedict XVI issued a Motu Proprio (a Papal Document written on his own initiative) called ‘Summorum Pontificum.’ Although the Traditional Mass that goes right back to the Apostles was never banned, in the years after the Second Vatican Council, a Pastoral Council held in the 1960’s, priests were required to obtain special permission to offer the Mass of the Ages and many modernist Bishops refused requests made by their clergy. This was directly against a document issued by Pope Pius V at the Council of Trent called ‘Quo Primum’ which defied any future Pope, Bishop or Priest to change anything in the Traditional Latin Mass and that it should be the only Mass offered until the end of time.

In ‘Summorum Pontificum’, Pope Benedict offered a clarification on this saying that any priest may offer the Traditional Latin Mass without needing the permission of his Bishop. 

Despite this clarification, it is still whispered by some, ‘Is the priest allowed to say the Latin Mass?’ and ‘wasn’t the Latin Mass banned?’. Here we have the resounding answer- The Traditional Latin Mass is alive and growing in the Church. Our ancient faith, fully represented in beauty and dignity is attracting more and more young people and traditional orders and seminaries are bursting at the seams.

Read Summorum Pontificum Here

Read Quo Primum Here

P. I will go in unto the altar of God.
S. To God who giveth joy to my youth.