Signs of Life and Growth

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Things continue to move at a pace at Immaculate Heart Parish- it seems that the Traditional Latin Mass has brought about a real bounce of growth.

The attendance at Sung Mass was increased again and was the first outing of a new altar server. Mass was followed by coffee and while the catechism class/RCIA took place in the hall with Fraser, marriage preparation classes took place in the parish house with Fr Morris.

In addition to two candidates for confirmation and our adult catechumen, we have a new adultĀ  catechumen and a new child catechumen who are about to begin undergoing instruction in the parish. The catechism class is also open to anyone who would like to learn about the Faith and so we have several parishioners who faithfully attend.

Please pray for those who are preparing to receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, First Holy Communion, First Confession and Holy Matrimony.

After all of the classes were over, one of our adult catechumens, Stephanie was received into the catechumenate, receiving the blessings, exorcisms and anointing of the rite.

This weekend also sees the first meeting of our new Young Adult’s group, who will be discussing a video presentation on the authentic interpretation of the scriptures. We also begin our ‘Learning through Lent’ talks which begin after the 6pm Low Mass on Sunday.

Our parish food store has fed several families this week and so we would appreciate any donations of food.

We thank Almighty God for all of these blessings and pray that he will continue to guide and protect us as we endeavour to save souls by bringing them to the Catholic Faith in the fullness of tradition.