... as well as songs and stories from our Irish guests

Legion of Mary Parish Visitation

Over the past week, Immaculate Heart has hosted 9 members of the Legion of Mary who were undertaking a Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) – a “Pilgrimage for Christ”.

The 9 Legionaries visited 1,996 homes in our parish, distributed 1,480 Miraculous Medals, spoke to over 900 people about the faith, and invited 174 lapsed families back to the practise of the Catholic faith.

On the final evening of their visit, a Traditional Latin Missa Cantata was offered, followed by a buffet dinner and an evening of music and entertainment. Our guests were taught some Scottish ceilidh dances, and some performed some Irish songs for us.

The Legionaries are a credit to the parishes to which they belong and we are in their spiritual debt. They all worked very hard on behalf of our parish last week – often they did not return to the Chapel House until well after 9pm! Please remember them in your prayers. Thanks also to all of our Parishioners who assisted with entertaining, feeding and encouraging the Legionaries during their stay.

About the Peregrinatio Pro Christo

All active members of the Legion of Mary are encouraged to participate in a PPC. Those who wish to undertake a PPC make an application to the Legion, and are then assigned a week and a destination parish – usually in a different country. They pay their own travel costs and also pay towards their accommodation and meals. The Legionaries generally have never met each other before (although a couple of our group had met on a previous PPC). Each day, the Legionaries gather for Mass and a Legion meeting, and then set out in pairs to visit every home in the parish. They visit the people, inviting non-Catholics to consider the Catholic Church and inviting non-practising Catholics to return to the sacraments. They leave literature and church bulletins, especially at locations where no one is home. They have three Work Tasks a day, totalling around 6 hours work each day.