Just your average IHOM morning…

There is no such thing as an ‘average morning’ at Immaculate Heart Parish! Employing all of the liturgical rites and devotional practices that Holy Mother Church offers to us throughout the year brings so many different graces and opportunities for growing in our prayer and understanding of the faith.

This morning Mass was that of Our Lady on Saturday. The tradition of dedicating Saturday to Our Lady goes right back to the early days of the Church. On Holy Saturday, when the Apostles we dismayed at what had happened to the Lord, Our Lady, Co-Redemptrix, remained faithful and retained that supernatural virtue of hope in anticipation of the Resurrection.  The Missa Cantata (Sung Traditional Latin Mass) was sung by the schola who also offered Thomas Luis de Victoria’s beautiful Ave Maria in addition to the ancient chants of the Mass.



The 3rd of February is also the commemoration of St Blaise, Bishop and Martyr and , using candles that were blessed at the Missa Cantata for Candlemas last night, Father Morris gave the St Blaise blessing of throats. The blessed candles are placed either side of the throat as the blessing is given.

After a cup of tea and home baking (thanks to Mrs Docherty!), the catechism class/RCIA continued their study of the Catechism of St Pius X and were introduced to the Brown Scapular. Our catechumens were then enrolled at the altar rail by Fr Morris.