Blessing of the Sick

On Septuagesima Sunday, after Mass, Fr Morris offered the blessing of the sick from the Roman Ritual. We are all familiar with the Sacrament of Extreme Unction which is for those in danger of death, but the blessing of the sick has fallen out of regular use.

Those attending Mass who are suffering from major and minor ailments were invited to the communion rail. Two rows of parishioners knelt to be signed with the cross with Holy Water and to receive the laying on of hands. Observing the priest exercising the healing ministry which Christ gave to the Apostles brought home the beauty and reality of apostolic succession and the priest’s role are the hands of Christ. In all of the Sacraments, the priest acts ‘in persona Christi’, ‘in the person of Christ.’ It was profoundly moving to see Our Lord moving among His people as He did during His earthly ministry.

If you would like a house blessing, exorcised salt water or oil, a car blessing, a holy item blessing or any other blessing, please ask Fr Morris. In the rights of Holy Mother Church, Almighty God has made provision for our needs and wants to pour out His grace to souls who will receive Him.