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Parish Bulletin – 3rd July

Order of Mass Booklets

The mass of the Second Vatican Council (1970 missal) is bi-lingual, in our country, containing Latin and English.

Order of Mass (Vatican II)

Order of Mass (Vatican II)

This is the mass offered most days at 9.30am in our parish, on Sundays at the vigil, 9.30am and 11.30am. To help you with this, Latin/English booklet missals are available in church. They are the small blue covered booklets, they have the English and Latin beside each other, and they can be found on the table in the hall beside the bulletins.

Please do not panic about the use of Latin at mass. Latin is part of our ancient unbroken tradition during the worship of the Mass. Only small amounts of Latin will be used during the Vatican II Masses, and this Latin will be said by the priest. The booklets are there to help you, please use them.

Order of Mass (Latin 1962)

Order of Mass (Latin 1962)

Order of Mass (Latin 1962)

Order of Mass (Latin 1962)

As regards the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missal – offered on Tuesdays (6.15pm), Wednesdays (12.30pm), Thursdays (6.15pm) and Saturdays (9.30am), to help with this Mass there are new there are new booklet missals and small starter missals for children. These booklets are kept on the ledge near the side door.

Upcoming Events

Please note that Vespers & Benediction is on this evening at 6.30pm.

Confession is available before and after all masses and services.

The next bingo will take place this coming week, Wednesday 6th July, at 7.30pm. All welcome.

The next monthly requiem mass for the parish dead and our deceased relatives and friends will be offered on Friday 8th July at 7pm.

The next soup run will take place on Saturday 3rd September. Donations of men’s clothing, sandwiches, fruit, chocolate and cigarettes are needed.


Retiring collection today for the upkeep of the parish minibus. The minibus was given an MOT and service last week, at a cost of £330. It was taxed two weeks ago, which cost nearly £100 for 6 months, and its insurance is due on 16th July, which last year cost just over £1200. Please give generously to the minibus collection as you leave church today .

Sea Sunday: The annual collection for The Apostleship of the Sea will take place next Sunday, 10th July.

Ordination to the Priesthood: Deacon Ninian Doohan (also known as Brother Ninian) has been a regular visitor at the Latin Mass in Immaculate Heart over the last two years. Brother Ninian will be ordained on August 15th in Dundee. He will offer two masses in Immaculate Heart the following week. If you would like to contribute towards a gift for Brother Ninian, please give your donation to Fr. Morris over the next few weeks.

Sponsor the weekly sanctuary lamps in memory of a deceased relative or friend, or for some other prayer intention. Give £5 and intention to John or Fr Morris.

To sponsor the church flowers, please give £10 or more plus your intention to Agnes or Irene.


Parish lotto – update next week.

The sale of work went very well on Saturday 18th June. The total raised was £395. Sincere thanks to all who contributed in any way to the success of the sale.


The Parish Food Store has food available for those who need a helping hand. Speak to Fr Morris if you know of someone in need. Last week the parish fed 12 people in one day. This almost emptied our food store. Thanks to the generosity of the St Vincent de Paul Society more food has been bought, but we are still in need of tinned foods. Please bring your donations to church or to the chapel house. Many thanks.

The parish soup run on Saturday 2nd July was a good success, with around 50 men receiving soup, sandwiches and clothes at Bellgrove Hostel and Wallace of Campsie House. The men were hugely grateful for the parish’s generosity. The next soup run will take place on Saturday 3rd September. Donations of men’s clothing, sandwiches, fruit, chocolate and cigarettes are needed.