The Church Building

Particular to Glasgow is the great number of modern church designs, many of which have been recognised through listing, found in the new areas of peripheral expansion. There are 17 listed post-1945 churches in Glasgow, and this is no mean feat considering that this figure represents a significant percentage of all the listed post-war places of worship in Scotland. The designs for these churches range from those adopting new interpretations of traditional or historical styles with basilican (rectangular) plans to radical new concepts which make dramatic use of light and space with a range of new plan forms.

The most significant and prolific architects producing extraordinary church buildings during the period were Thomas Cordiner, Reginald Fairlie, A R Conlon, Alexander McAnally, Jack Coia, Isi Metzstein and Andy MacMillan. The earliest listing of a post-war church is Cordiner’s Immaculate Heart of Mary, Balornock. It is one of a group of his churches that, like those of his contemporary, Jack Coia, broke away from sometimes conventional earlier Gothic designs with well-detailed brick facing and decorative sculptural groups.

From Glasgow’s Post-War Listed Buildings, Glasgow City Council & Historic Scotland