The Feast of the Assumption

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
15th August
Holyday of Obligation

6.30pm – Vigil Mass (14th Aug)
9.30am – Mass
12.30pm – Traditional Latin Mass
7.00pm – Missa Cantata (sung Traditional Latin Mass)

Music from Mass 12/08/18

Music recorded live at the 11.30am Mass on the 12th Sunday after Pentecost. We are very blessed to have excellent musicians in our Parish Schola who bring the liturgy to life with the beauty of the ancient chant of the Church as well as the music of the great polyphonic composers.

One of our professional musicians, Kristiina Watt sang a beautiful setting of Anima Christi by 17th century composer Ortensio Polidori. This baroque solo motet is written for Soprano and basso continuo, played on the organ here by our director of music, Fraser Pearce.


This second piece is a setting of psalm 41 by the prolific 16th century composer Palestrina. Palestrina worked as a singer and composer at the Vatican and St John Lateran Basilica in Rome. He is one of the primary composers of the polyphony which the popes have taught constitutes the Church’s very own music, in addition to the sacred chant.

This music is offered every week at Immaculate Heart and it is our prayer that the beauty of the Sacred Liturgy will bring us closer to God.

This Weekend at IHOM

Saturday 11th August

9.30am Traditional Latin Mass

11am Sale of Work

6pm Vigil Mass


Sunday 12th August

9.30am Novus Ordo Mass

11.30am Missa Cantata (Sung Traditional Latin Mass)

4.45pm Sung Vespers and Benediction

6pm Traditional Latin Mass