The office of Compline is the final service of the Church’s day and we join our prayers to those of monasteries, seminaries, parishes around the world and indeed, all the hosts of Heaven as we end the day with this beautiful office. The psalms, readings and prayers beseech Almighty God for forgiveness of our sins and for His divine protection during our night’s rest. The service is chanted in Latin, the universal language of Holy Mother Church, by the clergy and the schola and the faithful participate by meditating on the words of the various texts. This service reaches back to at least the 6th Century when St Benedict divided the Psalter into the monastic office and so we continue this living and unceasing tradition of the Church which was heard and prayed by the great saints and which they now offer with us in the nearer presence of God.

Click the link for the booklet used by the congregation for compline IHOM COMPLINE

Why not use this file and the video below to pray Compline at home too.


Here is a full recording of Compline according to the Traditional Divine Office at Immaculate Heart