Becoming a Catholic

Immaculate Heart is a very welcoming parish with a strong sense of community. The first step for those interested in learning about the fullness of the Catholic faith would be to come along to Mass to get a taste for what goes on in the true worship of God. There is always a cup of tea (and nearly always cake!) after Masses and services and this gives us a chance to catch up with one another and build friendships- this includes greeting visitors.

We often have talks and presentations bout the Catholic faith and these can be a good

opportunity to ask questions or to just take it all in. If you feel that you would like to go deeper in your knowledge, we have a Catechism Class which takes place weekly at a time that suits those who with to attend.

You may decide in your own time that you would like to become a Catholic. Depending on which sacraments you have received in the past, your path will be individual to you. As an adult you must be Baptised, Confirmed, make your first Confession and first Holy Communion. If you have received some of these already,  then you would just receive the ones which you have not. This is not anything to get too concerned with, Fr Morris and Mr Pearce will help you through the process which is based around your own journey towards the faith.

For further information, visit our About Catholicism page or contact us via the Contact page.