On the great solemnities and feasts of the Church,  a Solemn High Mass or Missa Cantata is offered. We have a group of dedicated musicians who come together before each Mass to rehearse the sacred chant and polyphony, under the direction of our Parish Director of Music, Fraser Pearce. The music of each Mass therefore follows the ancient traditions of Mother Church and even the directives of the Second Vatican Council and the previous reforms of Pope St Pius X.14087531_1262502413782486_1585211113_o


In the Traditional Latin Mass, Catholics do not sing hymns at Mass but sing the Mass. This is because the texts sung are those proper to each feast or feria. The Ordinary of the Mass is sometimes sung to plainchant or to polyphonic settings and the faithful join the schola in singing the Credo and the Marian Anthem after the Last Gospel. The schola often offer motets by the great Catholic composers such as Palestrina and Byrd during the Offertory and at Holy Communion.

View the videos below to hear music from recent Solemn High Masses at Immaculate Heart.