Latin Mass Resources for Children

Here you will find a collection of resources for the use of children at the Traditional Latin Mass. At Immaculate Heart we try to provide a weekly sheet and crayons for young children.

Colouring Pages

TLM Colouring Pages
Colouring pages for the Latin Mass

We have produced a set of colouring pages which follow the Gospel readings for every Sunday and major feast day. We are indebted to the creators at for their comprehensive collection of Creative Commons images, which are largely taken from fine art depictions of the Gospel events.

You can download these colouring sheets as a PDF here. Please feel free to print them for personal or parish use.

Catechism Copywork

Catechism Copywork Sheets

We have created 52 Catechism Copywork (handwriting) sheets, adapted from the St Joseph First Communion Catechism (Baltimore #0). These cover Creation, Sin, how to make a good Confession, the Eucharist and the Church.

You can download these worksheets as a PDF here. Please feel free to print them for personal or parish use.


We have created some pages of drawing prompts for use at Mass, which include pictures and names of common Mass objects and vestments for inspiration. You can download these sheets as a PDF here.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the above resources, you can contact the creator by clicking here.

Book Recommendations

Below is a selection of books which can be used for children of pre-school to confirmation ages. These books are suitable for use at Mass or for talking about the Mass at home.

A free PDF of “Know Your Mass” is available from CC Watershed here.